Strategic Benefit Partners FAQ’s

When can I add dependents to my plan and what is a Qualifying Event?

If enrolled in a group sponsored insurance plan you may hear your HR or benefits department say that you need to have a qualifying event to make changes to your plan, including adding or removing a spouse or child(ren) from your plan. Qualifying events can include: Marriage Divorce Birth Death Change in insurance status (lossContinue reading “When can I add dependents to my plan and what is a Qualifying Event?”

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment, sometimes interchangeably used with the term Annual Enrollment, is the time of year when you can freely make changes to your insurance plans. Open/Annual Enrollment occurs both for individuals plans and plans sponsored by employers. This article addresses Open Enrollment for employer sponsored insurance plans. Open Enrollment usually occurs 11 months from yourContinue reading “What is Open Enrollment?”

Why should I offer group health insurance to my employees?

We understand that owning and running a business is a lot of work. Not only are you dealing with daily operations, but also trying to attract and retain staff can be a challenge. In addition, workplace safety and employee wellness should be a top priority for any company looking to be competitive and progressive inContinue reading “Why should I offer group health insurance to my employees?”

How many employees do I need to employ before I can offer benefits?

From small business to large business, offering employee benefits to retain the top talent is important! But how small is too small to write group benefits for your company Most carriers consider a business for group coverage when you have at least 2 total eligible employees, including the owner. In most cases the two peopleContinue reading “How many employees do I need to employ before I can offer benefits?”

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