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Why should I offer group health insurance to my employees?

We understand that owning and running a business is a lot of work. Not only are you dealing with daily operations, but also trying to attract and retain staff can be a challenge. In addition, workplace safety and employee wellness should be a top priority for any company looking to be competitive and progressive in their industry.

Not long ago, unless you were a large, expensive conglomerate, you may not be thinking too much about investing in health insurance. However, with our everchanging marketplace, low unemployment rates, and flexibility in remote work, employers are aiming to attract the best workforce possible. One of the best ways to do this is by putting a focus on employee benefits. There are several advantages to this, which we will explore below.

Investing in your workforce shows that you are not a taskmaster who only focuses on high sales figures. Although those things are highly important, it will not help your brand or image in the long run. As a small to medium sized business, news travels fast around business networks, and you want to have a positive impact on potential customers, partners, and future job applicants.

In addition to keeping a positive brand image and attracting top talent, there are legal advantages and requirements for some employers to offer a qualified health plan. As your company grows and expands, you may be legally required under the Affordable Care Act to provide a form of an affordable health plan to your eligible staff.

Finally, having a healthy staff is a huge long-term benefit to any organization. If your employees have access to coverage, they are more likely to seek care in the event of an illness or accident. Seeking treatment earlier has proven to show less absenteeism, and better recovery rates. An employee without coverage however can cause an organization to seek a replacement candidate, spending countless hours and expenses trying to fill that employee’s position, wasting many resources over time.

Strategic Benefit Partners specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses in finding affordable options that fit both the employer and employee’s needs and budget. We want to help you boost your company’s credibility, brand, and appeal.

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